DMT GmbH & Co. KG

User Workshop Mining

21 March 2011, 14:00h to
22 March 2011, 13:30h
DMT / Essen, Germany

The Workshop

is organized around presentations and showcases of the Terrafirma products and interpretation made by Terrafirma partners and users of Persistent Scatterer InSAR results from around Europe, focused on mining.

The workshop contains of the following sessions:

Session 1:

  • Terrafirma Overview

Session 2 and 3:

  • Mining Case Studies

Session 4:

  • The Future of the Terrafirma Geo-Hazard Information Services



Monday, March 21st, 2011
DMT, Essen (Germany)

Time Presentation Author Organisation
12:00 Registration Opening    
  Session 1: Terrafirma Overview    
13:30 Welcome by Workshop Chairman Norbert Benecke DMT
13:50 Terrafirma overview by Project Manager Geraint Cooksley Altamira Information
14:10 The Terrafirma User Element Chris Browitt European-Mediterranean Sismological Centre
14:30 Terrafirma as part of the operational EU GMES program Jörn Hoffmann DLR
14:50 Satellites for terrain motion mapping NIco Adam DLR
15:10 COFFEE    
15:50 Radarinterferometric Techniques and data validation Johanna Granda Alamira or Gamma
  Session 2: Case Studies Mining, Part 1    
16:20 Introduction to the Mining Theme Norbert Benecke DMT
16:50 Inactive/Abandoned Mines – Ruhr Karsten Zimmermann DMT
17:20 Inactive/Abandoned Mines – Ruhr – The users perspective Heinz-Roland Neumann Bezirksregierung Arnsberg

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Time Presentation Author Organisation
09:00 Start of day 2    
  Session 3: Case Studies Mining, Part 2    
09:00 Stoke-on Trent Luke Bateson BGS
09:30 Gas Storage Berlin Friedrich Kühn BGR
10:00 Application of the Satellite Interferometry in the Upper Silesian Mining Basin Marek Graniczny, Zbigniew Kowalski PGI
10:30 Discussion All participants (Chairman: N. Benecke)  
10:45 COFFEE    
  Session 4: The Future of the Terrafirma Geo-Hazard Information Services    
11:15 Radarinterferometry and PostMining Database at the German Hardcoal Mining Company RAG Volker Spreckels RAG Deutsche Steinkohle AG
11:45 German Mining Law and use of radarinterferometry in mining Joachim Deutschmann Deutscher Markscheider Verein (DMV)
12:15 User requirements in Germany a) the view in the German surveying administrations b) special needs and tasks in North-Rhine Westphalia Jens Riecken Stephan Heitmann Ministry of the Interior and Local Affairs NRW
12:45 The future of Terrafirma - Wide Area Product Graint Cooksley / Nico Adam Altamira / DLR
13:15 Discussion and Conclusions Day 2 All participants (Chairman: N. Benecke)  
13:30 END OF DAY 2